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Author: knightsonbikesusa

If you are wondering what makes Knights on Bikes so special, the following will explain the kind of feelings that we experience when several motorcycle-riding brothers collaborate. - Enjoying camaraderie with different brothers of all councils, spreading the faith and word of the lord. - Being able to visit a brother Knight in other councils, cities, states, and being regarded as one of the family. - Riding in parades, visiting nursing homes, and reaching out to helping those in most need. - At the service of the Bishops, Priests and Catholic Parishes. - Raising money for the needy (“Fill the Helmet” fund at a well traveled intersection, Bike show, etc.). - Endeavor to formulate rallies and parades. Who qualifies? - A member of any Knights of Columbus council through out the world. - Must own a motorcycle (of any kind) or anticipate owning a bike within 6 months.